25 Aprilie 2017

Aceasta imagine a ajuns virala pe internet (mai exact pe Instagram) in doar cateva ore de la postare si este de inteles. Cine nu si-ar dori un ruj care contine cristale?

Femeile pasionate de beauty de pe retelele de socializare au fost de-a dreptul impresionate cand pe Instagram si Pinterest a aparut o fotografie cu aceste rujuri de la MAC. Si ce au atat de special? Contin CRISTALE.

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics deschide cel de-al doilea magazin din Romania in Park Lake Shopping Center, Bucuresti

Este ciudat de fascinant cum aceasta imagine a fost share-uita de si repin-uita de zeci de mii de ori, majoritatea intrebandu-se daca minunile chiar exista.

. . . Before i say anything the rightful photographer should be liked first she is tagged.. i just wonder where did all the hate come from.... Instagram deleted this picture of mine cause all thanks to a few who couldn't stand my picture being shared ....cause photoshop aint right? Why all the hate? Firstly let me come clear . 1. I am a COLLAGE ARTIST i make art out of art. . 2. I take pictures out of flicker, tumbler & pinterest i google them up and sadly most of them dont show the real owners therefore i sadly make an art and wait for the rightful owner. Till than i make sure that people know i am a COLLAGE ARTIST. Please google what that means!! If collage art was such a crime... than my.my.... how many artists would go down..... please get your facts straight. Please 🙏 . 3. Yes i am bad with photoshop... infact i suck at it... happy? I am a dentist by profession , i never took this way of life just because i wanted to be FAMOUS. No i did this because i was going through a lot in life and editing .... cut paste a picture would make me the happiest girl on gods earth....... do you have a problem with me being happy? If i take a picture make something new out of it.... and it makes a few 100 happy too.... do you guys get so unhappy about it? . . 4th... from now onwards i would actually say i am less of a collage artist... more of a CLEVER ARTIST. Yes i have a million dollar idea i make art out of it.... the art sucks ... it has a few glitches but guess what!!! People get the message... they love it.... why would you care if my photoshop was not on point....😐😳😳😳 Some of you guys exhaust me.... dont follow me or like me if you cant appreciate.... or like my work. I was happy with a few 100 followers i swear i was.... i need good vibes in my life... not this... . . All of the pictures that you see is my art. My imagination ... my creativity! Respect it... and ill respect you too. Or please leave.... dont make me unhappy. I beg of you guys 🙏🙏🙏🙏 . . #collage #art #peace #love #happiness #nofame #nolove #simple #creativity #edit #lipsticks #crystal #whyjealous #jealous #nohate #stophate #happiness #collageart #graphic #graphicdesign #digitalpainting

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Din pacate, imaginea este modificata si aceste rujuri nu vor aparea niciodata pe piata (cel putin nu in viitorul foarte apropiat). Fotografia este de fapt o lucrare de arta realizata de Sara Shakeel, o tanara din Pakistan care a strans peste 15.000 de followers intr-o singura noapte cu ajutorul acestei poze.

Lalita Coraje, femeia care a realizat initial poza (in care sunt rujuri MAC nude), spune ca nu s-a simti confortabil cu modul in care Shakeel a preluat si a modificat imaginea fara a oferi creditare.

#TBT From all my pics this is my favorite mac lipsticks post ever!

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foto prima pagina: sarashakeel Instagram

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